What to do if you find a shed snake skin

They Don’t Only Reside in the Woods
Snakes don’t only reside in the woods secluded from people, although we love believing in that. We also like to believe that these reptiles won’t show up on our property, because they are, you know, afraid of people. However, the reality is totally different and snakes are quite common in urban areas and can be found in people’s yards and in people’s homes. Snakes have a reason to show up on someone’s property. The main reason why a snake will appear on someone’s property is because they found easy prey there, such as rodents, insects, etc. Snakes are especially drawn to invading properties where rodent infestation has taken place.

They Go Undetected
Most of snakes go undetected even if they invaded your property because they don’t leave droppings like other wild animals. Although snakes rarely leave sign of their invasion, there is something that will make you sure that you have snakes on your property - shed snakeskin. Snakes can shed their skin for a couple of times a year. But, why do they shed their skin?

Why do They Shed Their Skin?
There’s no snake in the world that doesn’t shed their skin. All snakes shed their skin, even the smallest ones. The process of a snake shedding its reptilian skin is called ecdysis. But, why do snakes undergo this process? Well, snakes shed their skin so they could continue growing. Shedding their outer skin allows them to grow. Some snakes even shed their skin to get rid of parasites on their skin as well. For how many times a snake will shed their skin depends on the snake’s growth rate and their access to food.

What to Do if You Find Shed Snakeskin on Your Property or in Your Home?
Most property owners who find shed snakeskin start to panic when they find it. Many thought run through their head. They especially get worried if the shed snakeskin belonged to a venomous snake. Don’t panic when you find shed snakeskin because you can easily identify shed snakeskin that belonged to a venomous snake or to a non-venomous snake. If the shed snakeskin you found has a single group of scales near their tail, then the shed snakeskin was left by a venomous snake. Non-venomous snakes have two groups of such scales. What to do if you find a shed snake skin

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