Should I ever poison a rodent?

Poisoning the Rodents
Some people who have a rat or mice problem in their attic or home don’t think of any other way of getting rid of mice or rats besides poisoning the animals. Such people just don’t want to waste their time on setting up rodent traps, baiting rodent traps, and disposing of rodents.

However, such people sometimes ask themselves is it OK to poison rodents? Well, if you have a rat or mice problem in your attic or home and you wonder is it ok to poison a rat or a mouse, keep on reading this article because we will give answer to that question.

Internal Bleeding and Hemorrhage
Do you wonder is it OK to poison rats and mice? Well, it isn’t OK to poison rodents and you should never poison them because rat and mice poisons cause internal bleeding and hemorrhaging in rodents which leads to a slow and painful death. The use of rat and mice poison to get rid of rodents is an extremely cruel way of getting rid of rodents. Moreover, rodent poisons are sometimes not that effective for these reasons:

• Rats and mice can learn how to avoid poison, usually after tasting a non-lethal dose of rodent poison.
• They reproduce very quickly so their population rebounds to past capacity quickly.

What to do Instead of Poisoning Rodents?
Instead of poisoning the rodents in your home, you should use exclusion repairs instead. Exclusion repairs keep rodents out of homes permanently.

When people are faced with a mice or rat infestation in their home, they usually reach out for rodent poison first, not knowing the consequences of rodent poison. Rodent poison, besides causing slow and painful death to rodents, can also be reached by other animals, including your pets. Children can also get in touch with a rodent poison which can seriously harm them. These are some other reasons to avoid rat and mice poisons.

Issues Surrounding Rodent Poisons
The greatest issue with rodent poisoning is the fact that rodent poison can be extremely harmful to humans and other animals. You have to be very careful when setting up rodent poison in your home if you have small children.

You will also have a hard time finding rodents killed by your rodent poison. This will produce and awful smell that will spread all around your home. So instead of using rodent poison to get rid of rats and mice in your home, use cage traps instead for the purpose of getting rid of rodents.

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