What diseases do foxes carry and what are some symptoms of a sick fox?

Probably because they are wary of humans and keep away from humans, foxes have somehow managed to gain themselves a few unfounded myths about how dangerous they are. For instance, People think they are carriers of terrible diseases.

Breaking the myth
Foxes are like the cats and dogs you keep at home. They are generally health and are not carriers of terrible diseases. Like your pets at home, any transmission of disease from a fox pretty much follows the same line. There are very low risks of catching disease from a fox as most diseases will be transmitted through bites or contact and foxes steer clear of humans.

What diseases can they transmit?

This is a disease transmitted by roundworms found in cats, dogs and foxes. It is generally transmitted through animal feces and if ingested by human beings, causes illness.

This is a skin diseases often found in animals and can be passed on to humans through contact. Because of mites, a fox may have Mange and if you interact with it through contact you may catch this disease. It presents in form of a rash on the human skin. The good news is not sustainable in human beings and falls off in a few days.

While it is very rare, foxes can also have rabies as a result of a bite from a rabid animal. And governmental protocol is to assume any bite from a fox is a potential rabies infection. Due to this, one is advised to euthanize a fox that bites them. The symptoms of Rabies in humans include

• Headaches
• Anxiety
• Confusion
• Hallucinations

Rabies is a very serious disease and once it takes most likely you will die. Although the risk is low, you need to take extreme caution. These are some of the most likely diseases one can catch from a fox. However, bites can cause wounds and if not treated can lead to sepsis and a disease like salmonella should not surprise you as close contact with animal droppings can lead to it.

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