What should I do with a skunk after I catch it?

It happens many times that you catch the skunks wandering about in your house and then at that time you are not in a position to dispose it off. Consequently you do not know exactly that what should be done to it in order to carry out its safe disposal and at the same time it is also important to make sure that it may not come back to your house and your house becomes skunk proof. When you finally catch the skunk, there are certain important aspects which should be kept in mind so as to carry out the whole procedure successfully and without any flaw. Therefore it is very important to follow the following instructi0ons in order to carry out the safe disposal of skunk form your house.

Timing of setting the traps
Basically the skunks are nocturnal animals and they set out at night in order to find food. Therefore this is the best time to catch them. You should set your traps and cages in the night and close them in the morning. This will help in catching only the nocturnal animals.

Setting the locations of traps
Usually the skunks walk on the ground level and they have a habit of burrowing deep down in the soil. Therefore it is better to set the traps at the level of ground. This will assist you in trapping the skunk very easily. Setting the trap at ground level is also useful because there is no risk of falling of the trap and the animal can be safe. Usually the skunks prefer to inhabit the porch of house. If the trap is set in such a way that there is a distance of a few inches between the entrance of trap and the brim of porch, then it will be the most natural and ideal situation for the trapping phenomenon to happen.

Disposing of the skunk after catching it
This is the most critical step and demands a lot of care. The timing should also be noted and the skunk should not be kept for a longer time in the cage. The best option is that the skunks should be handed over to the wildlife protection authorities and then they can relocate the animal to its natural habitat. However some people prefer to go themselves and get the animal relocated in the safe place.

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