Is a Skunk that is Active during the Daytime Rabid?

Crazy Myth about Skunks
It has been a common misconception that skunks which roam during the day are rabid. But that is just a myth that had been passed on from generation to generation causing massive killings of these nocturnal animals almost every year.

Female Skunks Who Hunt For Food
These skunks which are hyper during the day and are seen around are actually female skunks which hunt for food for their offsprings. The nurturing habits of female skunks are on the opposite during this period and it is a natural instinct for the mother skunk to guard her babies at night time when most predators pose a threat to them.

Teach Young Skunks to Hunt
The mother skunk starts preparing her babies how to look for food when they are about 5-6 weeks old and in about 8 weeks time, the young skunks take in a natural sleeping cycle as well as eating cycle after weaning period.

Skunks Do Not Hate Light
Another common misconception about skunks is that they like lights. Many practice leaving their lights on outside their houses so as to scare away these nocturnal animals. On the other hand, skunks do not actually hate lights. Be it sunlight or any other artificial light, it doesn’t guarantee that you would drive them away at all. One real deal is that bugs and other kinds of insects get attracted to lights. Skunks feed on bugs and so the real risk there is to draw in many insects to your yard. Humans are the ones who put restrictions to these nocturnal animals as only lurking out in the dark corners of the night and that like “vampires”, they are afraid to see the light of day.

Skunks are Beneficial to the Environment
Many are still trapped to the wrong notion that skunks are “pests” and should therefore be exterminated. But that should not be actually the case. For those who don’t know, they need to be well-informed. There are various reasons as to why skunks are considered to be essential to the environment and below are some of them:

• Skunks are considered to be natural pest fighters thus vital for the environment.
• They can help kill dangerous insects and others which damage your garden.
• Skunks also help kills and eliminate dangerous reptiles roaming around your yard and surroundings.
• These nocturnal animals feed mostly on bugs and other rodents and rarely do they eat plants.

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