What if a skunk got inside my house, bedroom, kitchen, etc.

Like all the different animals suns also look for shelter and tend to find the safe places for themselves. They not only look for safe places but also for food. In order to fulfill these requirements, the skunks get shelter in the houses where they get both the basic necessities of life fulfilled. They always find the safest place to live and the place which is nearest to the food source. If you doubt the presence of skunks in your property, you have to look for the mud traces anywhere around the kitchen or bedroom or house. This is because the skunks can gain entry only through these kinds of sources. After their presence is confirmed, then the next step is to take steps for removal of skunks out of the house.

Usually people prefer setting the traps near the muddy areas where the foot prints of skunks have been found. The animals can be attracted towards the trap by putting the baits in it so that it comes near the trap and it becomes easy to catch it.

Set Traps to capture them
Setting traps of various kinds is the safe and easy method to catch the skunks. For this purpose different kinds of traps are available in market but you have to make the right choice which not only suits you but should also be helpful in achieving the objective of catching the skunk. You can attract the animal by putting some food in it so that it will come at the smell and sight of food.

Removing the skunks when trapped
Usually people do not waste time when the skunk is captures in the trap; they at once make further measures in order to take the next action. The most probable next step is taking the animal far away from house and then disposing it off.

Block all the exit and entry points
Before you start adopting any strategies for getting rid of the skunks, it is very important to first of all block all the points where they can enter again and get into the shed or porch. In order to check for the entry points, the holes are blocked and then observed for three days. If any of these blocked holes are disturbed or opened, this means that skunks might have entered form the respective points.

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