How to know if there are skunks in the shed or porch

Having the nest of any animal in the shed or in the porch of your house is very dangerous. It is even more annoying if these are skunks building their colony in the shed or porch of your house. There are certain signs and symptoms which can help you out in confirming the presence of skunks in the surroundings of your house or exactly in the shed or porch. First of all if you any doubt of this kind, you have to make sure about the breeding season of skunks. If their breeding season is on or nearby, then there are chances that there are also baby skunks present in the nest built in shed or porch.

Vocals produced by skunks
Skunks produce certain kinds of noises and their vocals can be sharply distinguished form other animals. Therefore if you have noticed these voices coming from your porch or inside the shed of your house, there is a chance that any single or more than one skunk is present in your house. Usually the nest building phenomenon in skunks is observed exactly during or at the onset of the breeding season of skunks. The female skunks usually dig out nests and burrows before they give birth to young ones. Therefore noting down the timing of voices and any signs of nesting is very important and will help you in tracing the exact situation.

Scampering and scratching voices by skunks
While the skunks find a shelter in your shed or they start building their nests, they also scratch some of the constructions and scamper over the wooden parts of sheds and porch. If these voices are continuously coming from the specific part of your house, then there is a chance of presence of any skunk or sometimes more than one skunks because usually the males and females overlap their territories. Moreover male skunks usually mate with more than one female in one season. Therefore there are chances that they might be building nests close enough.

Appearance of females during breeding season
Females are meant to nurse their babies when they are born. Similarly before giving birth to their young ones, there are certain physiological changes in the females which can also be noted down by their movements and gestures. Therefore if a female skunk is building nests or is seen more often in one place, there are possibilities that it is residing there. Similarly if any of the female skunks is passing through the nursing period, then definitely the appearance of nipples on mammary glands of females will mark their ongoing nursing ti

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