What are some ways to kill a skunk in the yard?

More and more skunks are trooping to many residential areas as their natural habitats are being wiped out by deforestation habits. Skunks can turn out to be vicious wild animals in your yard making their death the only viable solution. Nonetheless, kill the animals after exhaustively using other repellent and deterrent means. Skunks usually spray a sticky substance to unwitting victims making them tricky. Besides, they also carry the deadly rabies virus around.

Shooting is one effective method of killing a skunk. This option is associated with some hefty drawbacks apparently. First, you can accidentally shoot a pet. The unsavory method can result to destruction of property in case you miss the target. Blood sprays around due to the projectile impact, the blood may be contaminated with some zoonotic infections or the toxic rabies virus. These diseases are communicable when you are exposed to the blood.

Poisoning of skunks is downright inhumane. This is because it kills the animal slowly to a painful death. Some skunks can tenaciously survive a poison if it was a mild one. Poisoning is not the best control measure as you will be trailed by other unforeseen consequences. In case the poison works, the skunk will definitely crawl in a dark place and die. The aftermath will be absurd, a strong stench will fill the air for quite some time before fading away. Some of the anticoagulants used include:

• Antifreeze(Ethylene glycol)
• Cholecalciferol
• Bromthaline
• Strychnine
• Chemical solvents
• Acetone

Lethal traps
Laying lethal traps, like the body grip trap, is an effective extermination method. It is a complexyet dangerous trap to use.The most familiar type is the double spring loaded connibear trap. When they are sprung by the animal, they snap it down and kill by squeezing and choking. This method is considered impractical since it will not leave a pet to chance. Besides posing danger to pets, it also traps the skunks inhumanely. You will find it unpleasant dealing with the carcass afterwards too.

Using live traps
Live traps are very affectionate, they do not harm to the animal. However, you will not let the skunk stay there for a prolonged period as eventually it needs to come out. You can let it free in a distant location or you can kill it if you wish to. In case you wish to kill it, try the humane means like CO2 asphyxiation, blunt traumatic blow, or breaking its

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