What Is Skunk’s Mating Habits, When Do They Have Babies, How Do They Raise Their Young?

Male skunks are known to be polygamous in nature. During the mating season which is usually early spring the male search for available female around. After mating the male goes his way leaving the female skunk to nurture and care for the unborn baby until the delivering date. The breeding season is always from February through March every year.

The Time Skunk Normally Have Babies
Skunk’s mating season normally start from February till March and the gestation period normally last from 60 to 75 days. At the time of birth, female skunk normally give to birth a liter which normally contain about 4 to 6 babies. The babies are called kids and will remain with the mother until they are able to cater for themselves and also protect themselves against any form of attack from predator.

Things You Must Know About Baby Skunk
When skunk delivers the babies they are usually blind, deaf, pinkish color, faint black with some white traces. The blind baby skunk will remain blind until about three weeks of their birth. When the kids are about 8 days old, they will be able to produce musk for spraying but unable to spray until about 3 weeks old.

How Mother Skunk Normally Care For the Babies
The mother skunk will be responsible for caring and nurturing the young until they are about 6 to 8 weeks when they will leave their mother to go in search of food. But, before then, they mother will ensure they are breastfeed and provided with adequate protection from any form of intruder or predator coming to attack them. The baby skunk will reach sexual maturity when they are about 1 year old and by then they will no more stay around their mother but go away in the wild to fend without the mother themselves.

How Mother Skunks Normally Protect the Young Ones
Mother skunk always ensure they babies are completely protected from intruder and predators. They normally do this with the help of odorous spray which they normally release through anal scent gland in the body. This odorous spray can help skunk to defend itself from attack of enemy as well as defend the young ones.

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