Will a skunk under a shed or porch have a nest of babies?

Usually the skunks find refuge in the houses under sheds or porch in two conditions. First of all when there is a breeding season of skunks going on they need to build nests and create territories. In fact the female skunks build their separate territories but these territories overlap with the male territories. In order to carry out a successful mating procedure, these animals build nests and find the safest nesting points in the porch or under the shed of houses. The second situation when the skunks prefer to make nests and find shelter is the gestation period. Before giving birth to the young litter, the female skunks build their nests where they can give birth to babies and keep them until they become independent enough to leave the nest and live on their own. Most of the time, the female skunks use the same nesting sites more than one time. Therefore there are equal chances of finding the babies of skunks in the nests built under the shed or porch of your house.

How to get rid of baby skunks
In order to find and get rid of the baby skunks, you have to search for them and manually take them out so that they can be displaced safely form one place to another. One should be very careful while peeping into the nest of skunks because if you encounter the mother skunk, it may deal you fiercely. If they are too small you can just pick them up one by one by hand but make sure you handle them after wearing gloves. After you remove the baby skunks, you have to apply disinfectant and also certain repellents so that the mother skunk may not stay here and runs away from the place.

Why relocation of baby skunks is important
If an attempt is made to remove the baby skunks, then the task should be completed so that their relocation should be done in time and to a safe place. If the baby skunks are removed from their nest and then not relocated in a proper place in time, then there are chances that they may starve or perish due to weather conditions. This is because the baby skunks are s small and they are completely dependent on the mother and if they are separated from mother skunk at this stage, this can be a threat to their lives.

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