How to keep skunks away from your property

If you are living near a wooded area then encounter with different kinds of animals and rodents is a common problem. Some of these are really dangerous while others are more mischievous. No matter which animal is trying to gain entry into your house and property, it is neither safe nor it should be allowed hygienically to happen. Therefore certain reasonable control measures should be taken so that any of the wild animals may not enter your property and they may not get a chance to spoil it.

As far as the skunks are concerned, these are not only disgusting animals but also very dangerous. They can prove to be harmful for your pets as well as for you. People have suggested certain ways of getting these creatures away from your property and keeping it safe from contamination of different kinds. Some people who are fond of growing plants and vegetables in their back yards should be especially careful because if there are any skunks around, they can eat up your whole farm. Some recommended measures to prevent the skunks from entering into your property are as follows.

Start building enclosures around the open areas of houses
The skunks cannot enter your house premises if you build considerably high enclosures around your house and the open areas as well. Sometimes these are made from simply wood but t other times people make electric fences. This is comparatively dangerous especially if you have children or pets with you.

Apply chemical repellents in the surrounding areas
Chemical repellents are the substance which can make the animal deterred and in this way it hesitates to come near the specific place where the deterrent is applied. Different people suggest different kinds of repellents. Some of these are really workable and give good results while some other repellents do not give good results. Therefore a proper research should be done before applying the repellent that which one is more effective and what are the possible side effects associated with it.

Installation of electric detectors to note down any movement
Nowadays technology has grown to much higher levels and a proof of this development is the advent of motion detectors which are not mechanical but these are electronic. If these sensitive detectors are installed, they can sense even the minute movement of the animals in garden. As a result entry and exit of the animals can be noted in the cam

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