Do skunks make good pets?

Different people have different tastes. Nowadays, you can find a variety of animals in the pet store and animal shelters ready for adoption, from dogs to cats to fishes and skunks. Yes, skunks. Surprisingly many people love to have pet skunks, unconventional as it may look. Now if you are planning to have a pet skunk here is a list of tips to help you:

• Skunks are not cats or dogs; they have their own set of natural actions that you have to consider and respect.
• If your pet skunk is a foundling, that is, you found it – meaning not from a pet store; you have to check it with a vet first. You might also consider, for your own safety, asking a vet’s help in removing the skunk’s scent glands. Pet skunks from pet stores usually have their scent glands removed.
• Skunks have very sensitive diets especially the young ones. Example, you cannot feed it cow’s milk or goat milk or other pet foods aside from Ebsilac solution.
• When they are weaned, you have to slowly adjust it to new kinds of food; please do not force feed or over feed them.
• They require food supplements, rabies shots and deworming. The last one is absolutely necessary in the early stages of your pet’s development.
• Skunks are very playful animals, especially baby skunks. They need a lot of love and attention. The more you play with them, touch them, and cuddle them, the nicer they will be when they mature. Note: use protective covers for your hands or stuffed toys to protect yourself from their sharp teeth as sometimes they get too carried away with their playfulness and sometimes become aggressive.
• When your pet skunk is still a baby, constantly rub their hands and toes so that they will get used to it. When their nails and toenails grow you can cut their nails without too much problem.
• Do not hit or spank or shout at your pet skunks, unlike dogs [well, not all], skunks are very sensitive with this and will perceive you as a threat and will grow very antagonistic and violent.
• Your pet skunk is naturally reared at home so when its heat cycle begins, it could kill tem, literally. The best ways to go is neuter or splay them to avoid heartbreaks and deaths.

So, do skunks make good pets? Yes – to the right owner.

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