Where Do Skunks Live? Do More Skunks Live In Urban Areas, Or Wild Areas?

Skunks just like other wild animal species live in both urban and wild. But most of them are now found in the urban areas in the United States due to continues destruction of their natural habitat through human activities. Unlike other wild animals skunks do not wonder far away from their habitat. That is why they normally select a place with abundance food sources as well as water sources when they want to select habitat. There are lots reasons why more skunks are seen in the urban areas this day and you will find out through this article.

Why There Are More Skunks in the Urban Within the United States
The increase in the number of skunks in the urban areas within the United States has raised question from the homeowners. There are lots of reasons for this and one of them is just their high tolerance to human. Skunks unlike other wild animals do not fear human and can even relax around human inhabitation. Also, the high tolerance of skunks to human is mostly in the United States due to the fact that they are protected by law.

The Habitat of Skunks in the Wild
Skunks are found of digging ground and making burrows where they will live known as den. They can make their own den or live in dens made and abandoned by other wild animals like fox or woodchuck and others. Also, they normally live in the hollow logs, brushes and woodpiles in the wild. There are lots of things skunks consider before selecting a particular place as habitat. Some of the factors include water sources, food sources, protection from predators and others.

What You Must Know About Skunk Dens
Skunks have sharp claws and teeth which they normally use to make their dens by burrowing the ground. While living in a den they normally ensure absolute protection from the predator by using grasses, hay and leaves to line the dens. That is among the things you can use to differentiate fox or woodchuck den from skunks den.

The Preferred Place Skunks Live While In the Urban Area
Skunks living in the urban always choose well protected place as den. That is the reason why they normally prefer living under the porch, garages as well as houses. Skunks also normally turn buildings into their den due to their high tolerance to human.

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