What Is a Skunk’s Natural Diet, and How Does It Get Its Food?

Skunk is capable of eating different kinds of foods due to the fact that it is categorized among omnivores. It is known to feed on anything that tastes, looks or even smells like food. That is among the reasons why it easily survive new environment while living in the urban areas. Skunk feeds on both plants and animal food sources making it disastrous to garden when it picks interest to forage in your garden. Also, the environment where skunk finds itself determines the kind of food it will eat.

What Skunk Eat In the Wild
Being omnivorous in nature, skunk normally select available food sources base on the environment it found itself at any point in time. While in the wild it can feed on variety of foods both from plants and animals including insects, grubs, egg plants, larvae, frogs, lizard, small rodents, bird’s eggs and moles, snakes, roots, berries, nuts, fungi, leaves and other possible food sources in the wild.

How Skunks Get Its Food While In the Wild
Skunk is a smart and intelligent animal which made it easy for it to get food in any environment. It is also known as opportunist eater and always feed on any edible thing available at any point in time. Skunk has strong and sharp front feet and nails which it uses to dig the ground in search of insects, earthworms and other others. The animal also scavenge while in the wild in order to ensure there is food at any point in term

What Skunks Eat In the Urban?
While in the urban skunk is known to eat virtually anything available when it is hungry. It can eat your pet foods, vegetables in the garden, and egg plants in the garden and also dig holes in the lawn and gardens in search of insects, earthworms and others. If you have your garbage can outside, you will be at higher risk of skunk infestation when you place your garbage can in an enclosed and protected area of your house.

Things You Must Know about Skunk’s Natural Diet
The foul smell and digging habit of skunks are the two major factors to identify skunk infestation at any point in time. In a bid to find insect, earthworm, grubs and other natural diet skunk can cause serious damage to lawn and garden. Also, by scavenging in the garbage in search of food, the animal can also make messy of things inside the garbage making it unwelcomed in the environment.

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