What should I do with a snake after I catch it?

Assuming that you already have a snake held capture, you would not want to keep it in your premises. Of course, you have to get rid of it as soon as possible. There are proper ways in getting rid of the snake you have caught in your carefully prepared traps.

Dealing with the trapped snake
If you are confident enough that the snake you caught is harmless or non-venomous, you may be able to touch it, of course, with the help of thick gloves. You do not want to hold a snake with your bare hands in any way and under no circumstances should you do so. However, if you are not familiar with snakes, it is best not to hold them at all.

• Keep the trapped snake away from your pets and children.
• Ensure that you are handling the trap properly, so as not to hurt the snake as well.

Relocating a snake
This is a very delicate process since there are still individual states that has their own regulations and laws that you might want to consider. However, if you are certain that, you can do anything with the snake that you caught and decided that you will set it free; you have to make an effort in driving miles away from your home and your neighbourhood. If not, the snake will only come back to its original territory, which could most likely be your home.

Call a wildlife professional
There is still no better way than calling a trained and wildlife professional. Why?

• You no longer need to worry where you will be releasing the snake.
• A wildlife professional will, at most times, already know what needs to be done to the caught snake even at first sight.
• You can free yourself from the guilt that you have trapped a snake.
• You know that it will be taken care of and will be released back to the wild where he should live, so you are worry-free.

Concerned citizen
It is always better to be disciplined and to follow the right techniques in handling and getting rid of snakes. Although most of them are harmful, we do not have the right to kill them just because we caught them. Always remember that they were also created to be valuables in our nature. If you caught one of them, be concerned for their lives and contemplate carefully. What should I do with a snake after I catch it?

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