What Does Snake Feces Look Like?

Finding snake feces in your yard can give you an idea that snakes are possibly present in the yard. While this is not an absolute indicator, it should not be taken for granted. When you see the feces, it is very important that you take precautions toward protecting your yard and all humans residing in your home. Yes, you should be on the lookout when you see snake feces around. However, how can you recognize snake feces when you see them? In this write-up, you will get to learn how to differentiate between snakes feces and feces from other types of animal.

• How the droppings look like: First and foremost, snake droppings appear tubular in shape. They can also appear cord-like on many occasions; they look like series of droppings attached by a cord one to another. The surface of the droppings does not have to be smooth anyway; in many cases, the surface appears irregular and pinched. Furthermore, the color of the feces from snakes appears to be pale and dark in color most times. These feces can also bear whitish streaks of dried urine on them.

• Mixing things up: In many occasions, people mistake droppings from snake as bird droppings. Because of this, they fail to take the necessary preventive precautions against snake attack. The two of them look similar in appearance. The feces of the snakes are usually small in size, and they do not indicate as regards the size of the snake. Some of the snakes around today are in the habit of taking a very long time before defecating. This can also tell you that a snake that just finishes feeding may not leave behind any feces.

• Putting things right: While it is important to watch out when you see snake feces in your yard, you also must know that presence of such feces in your yard is not an indicator that the snake has just finished feeding. Some snakes are very good or at keeping their waste products in them for several months.

• Do not touch: Make sure you never touch snake droppings when you see them. If you are one of the individuals that cannot differentiate between snake droppings and other forms of droppings, then it is better for you not to touch any form of dropping on your yard; this is because snake feces contain salmonella bacteria, which can cause entero-infection if you ingest it. What Does Snake Feces Look Like?

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