What is a snake fence?

As we all know, snakes are very fast. Not all that, they are also sneaky and cunning. There are already a few methods discovered on how to keep snakes away from our yards. However, since our critters here arereally sneaky, they are still be able to find a way to get inside our property. So, can we really discover a method to keep them away and never be able to get inside our premises?

Snake features
For us to know what would really be the best way to combat with this reptile, we have to know their capabilities. These are just some of the following features that a snake has:

• They can climb trees.
• They can swim very well and fast.
• There are other species of snakes that can jump from tree branches to the ground.
• They smell their preys or their surroundings using their forked tongue.
• They do not have ears but they can hear or feel vibrations using their sensory organs along with their whole body.
• Snakes that have hoods, such as the cobra, only show their hood when they feel threatened or whenever they feel the need to protect themselves.
• Other species can spit their venoms.

Snake venom
We already know what the capabilities we should expect from a snake are. Now, we have to learn a bit about their venoms. Just so, we can prepare ourselves in a worst-case scenario, per se bitten by one of them:

• An extremely modified saliva that has zootoxins.
• It contains more than twenty different compounds, mostly protein and polypeptides.

When bitten by a venomous snake, it releases zootoxins thatenablesthe immobilization and the absorption of the prey. It also affects various biological functions including blood pressure.

Snake fence
To avoid problems in the future, snake fences are one of the most recommended method to keep snakes away from our premises. Here are sample of the snake fences you might want to use: • Plastic fabric • Steel mesh • Catch net fencing

Effective snake fence
An effective fence snake must have the following:

• Surround your whole property. Note that the perimeters of your premises should be covered entirely.
• It should be completely flat in solid ground, preferably in the soil or in any other areas.
• You have to ensure that it is unclimbable. To ensure this, the fence should be at least 30 degrees or in an inclined level. What is a snake fence?

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