What if a snake got inside my house, bedroom, kitchen, etc?

Snake concerns nowadays are very common especially when you live in an area that has a healthy ecosystem. When I say healthy ecosystem, it means that insects and rodents are particularly living near you. Not only that, the plants and grasses already grew much taller. With this, there is a big chance for snakes to prefer living or staying in your area.

Snake habitat
Snakes can live in a variety of land and water environments. The most abundant and the largest snakes can be typically found in places that has a tropical climate such as rainforests. Snakes are cold blooded so they cannot afford to live in cold places such as Antarctica.

Snake nourishment
Snakes are carnivores. They are likely to eat only meat. Most of the time, they would eat rodents and other mammals such as birds, fishes, insects and eggs. Some snakes kill their prey by squeezing them to death, it does not necessary mean that they crush them; they tend to suffocate their victims first. Once dead, the prey would then be swallowed as a whole.

Snake inside my home
Well of course, most of us know how dangerous a snake can be, whether it is venomous or not. So, imagine how frightening it can be if you find a snake inside your divine home. First of all, you should not panic. While it is pretty understandable that you are terrified, panicking would only cause you to not think properly. It would not allow you to process what is actually happening and what are the things that you can do to remove the snake from your home.

Getting rid of the snake inside my home
Getting rid of it usually depends on the size of the snake you see swarming inside your home.

Small and short snakes
• Wear thick gloves and smother it in a towel.
• If you think that the snake is slow enough to move, you can also use a broom and sweep it off fast.
• Throw a towel to cover the snake and then immediately grab the towel so you can close it off or throw it in a bin or pillowcase.

Long and fat snakes (Usually venomous or poisonous)
• You can call a professional wildlife expert.
• Do not forget to wear long and thick gloves, use snake tongs and transport it in a snake bag or sack. What if a snake got inside my house, bedroom, kitchen, etc?

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