Will a snake under a shed or porch have a nest of babies

Snakes are like the scariest reptiles to many. It is a nightmare for one to have one lying comfortably under the porch of your house. You feel restricted with the in and out movements around your home as if in some home arrest. The worst scenario comes in when the snake happens to have a nest of babies in the same area. Then that area becomes a no go zone as the snake at this point is very aggressive and ready to protect its young ones. So yes, a snake can infact have a nest with a number of babies in it. In this case, you have to remove them and remove them fast because your family, your pet and yourself are exposed to danger. Furthermore, you do not want to have a snake infested place as your home.

• How to establish if indeed there are baby snakes in the porch
Inspecting and monitoring is the way. Monitor the general behavior of the large snake. If it seen hanging around the nest a lot during the day hours, then it is certainly protecting some young ones. For some, seeing is believing. In such a case, all you have to do is sneak and go to the nest to settle your doubt. This should be done at night when the large snake is away in search for some food.

• How to remove the snakes.
Removing the snakes generally depends on your courage and capacity. You must also have some knowledge on how to deal with snakes.

• Trapping the large snake.
Trapping and relocating is the best way to remove them. Set a snake trap at a strategic point for you to be successful. It is important to constantly check the trap to check if in deed the snake got trapped. After you aresuccessful, relocate both the babies and the large snake to a suitable place. Handling the babies is not a big deal as they are harmless at this age.

• Calling in the experts
If you are scared and are not sure on what exactly to do, then do not try anything at all. Agitating them may just get you at a place you do not want to be. The best thing is to let them be and call in the experts to have them removed. The experts have the knowledge and the right equipment to help them and soon your problem will become a history. Will a snake under a shed or porch have a nest of babies

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