Do snakes attract other snakes?

Do you know Snakes attract other snakes? Yes its right! However, at other times, they do keep other snakes away. For example, there are instances where the female snakes will lure the male snakes that they want to mate with. There are some other snakes like the king snake which eat other snakes. If this is the case, the snake will keep off. There is a times where the snake will seek out other snakes for a den. However, there are times the competition becomes so high such that the snakes feel the need to separate. Therefore, the answer to the question is no simple one. It depends with the situation.

Situation where the snakes attract one another
• Estrogen level in the male snakes is higher than in females. Thus male snakes can attract the female snakes.
• Mating is another situation where the snakes could attract one another.
• Where the animals want to share some resources together. Like the den, this will bring the snakes together. Therefore, the resources in a place do attract snakes together.
• Using the pheromones, the snakes could easily attract one another. The larger females have higher levels of pheromone in them and thus, they are able to attract many altogether. Smaller females may still attract the males but usually are not ready.

These are the conditions that leads to snakes attracting one another. However, there are some other conditions that leads to the snakes attracting one another and even end up living together for quite some time.

Pet snakes
They too are snakes. Do not forget that. They will attract other snakes in your compound and therefore, it is best that you be very vigilant. In case you notice one or two wild snakes in your compound, then you need to do something about it. However, before acting, it is best that you get advice from the experts who will tell you what to do.

Is my pet attracting other snakes?
At any given time, it may be true but you should not forget that there are so many other factors that may attract animals in your compound. It is may not necessarily be your pet. Therefore, clear everything you suspect to be attracting the snakes. If they still come, do seek expert advice.

Snakes will attract other snakes in your compound and therefore, you need to be very vigilant. Even your snake pet could be the culprit bringing some dangerous animals in your compound. It is an issue that you need to be carefu

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