Do snakes lay eggs or give live birth?

If you look at what nature has provided for the evolution, you would be amazed. It is usually a long step of evolution from the laying egg snakes and the snakes that usually do give a live birth. However, there are various distinctions that come in between the snakes that give a live birth and those that are able to breed by laying eggs. Therefore, we shall be looking at the following sub categories;

• The egg laying snakes.
• The live bearers.
• The maternal and reproductive care.

These will help us to understand on a better scope about these two kinds of animals. Therefore, take a keen look to find out more.

The egg layers
Generally, I am quite sure that you know that reptiles are egg layers. Therefore, this is true for the snakes. However, one may be wondering, are the eggs hardy as compared to the chickens? Well, for the snake eggs, they are not hard and as a matter of fact, they are leathery. Most of the eggs laying snakes are the king snakes and the rat snakes. In the United States, among the most venomous snakes which are only four by the way, only the coral snake is an egg layer.

The Live Bearers
Any snake that gives birth to a live snake is called a live bearer. In real sense however, the snake doesn't give live birth, but in standard sense, it is. What normally happens, instead of the snake laying the egg, it holds the egg with her body until the egg hatches. After hatching, the snake pushes the snake outside. That is the only distinction between the egg laying snakes and the snakes that give a live birth. Keeping the eggs inside her assures her of the protection and as a matter of fact, it keeps her warm. However, holding the eggs within her takes toll on her because she cannot hunt…Her stomach is already full.

The maternal and reproductive care
Usually, most of the egg laying snakes will find some place warmer and darker. She will then leave the small snakes to fend for themselves. The python in most cases will incubate her eggs. The live bearing snakes after birth; she will leave her young ones.

Snakes do give a live birth and also, there are those which do lay eggs.

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