Where Do Snakes Live? Do More Snakes Live In Urban Areas, Or Wild Areas?

Snakes live everywhere, and they are found everywhere, including in Ireland. They are also present in varieties on different continents of the earth. Be that as it may, some particular varieties found in a certain climatic condition may not be found in others. Snakes can be found both in the rural areas and the in the urban areas, but more snakes tend to be found in the rural areas compared to the urban areas. Urbanization tends to bring in more people and increase in human population will drive the snakes away.

• Snakes almost always prefer not to have a face-off with humans, and will, therefore, leave the cities for the humans to re3side in the wild.

Were snakes live
Snakes prefer to live in any stable place that has shade to cover them. They prefer hidden places where humans cannot locate them and will also prefer to live in areas where the snake can be protected from potential predators and the elements. At times, snakes live in burrows of rodents, and they can also be found under rocks. Other places where snakes can be found are under gravel, debris or sand. They can equally live in tree joints or knots.

• Do not be surprised to find snakes in the root or stump systems.
• They equally live in bushes or logs.

Purpose of habitat
As hinted earlier, one of the main factors considered by a snake when looking for their preferred habitat is safety. They want to hide from danger! Snakes may be venomous enough to protect themselves as birds of prey from the air can threaten their safety. Other carnivorous animals can also prove to be dangerous to snakes; principal among these is humans. Snakes prefer to hide from predators during the day they are not active.

• Snakes are equally vulnerable when they are laying eggs; they are also more vulnerable when they are shedding their skins.
• Proper hiding places during these periods will get the protected from preys.

Hiding for feeding purpose
Aside from the protection reason, snakes can also hide to waylay their prey. They would carefully hide in a location the prey cannot see and spring on the unsuspecting preys. One of the strengths of a snake is the surprise in the attack. They can also hide or live in an area that has a similar physical environment like theirs since their prey will find it difficult to identify them in that location.

• You will find snakes to be among the best ambush hunts, and they can be intelligent. Where Do Snakes Live? Do More Snakes Live In Urban Areas, Or Wild Areas?

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