How to keep snakes out of your basement

A Snake’s Purpose of Getting inside Your Basement
Snakes don’t enter people’s basement because they want to terrify people with their presence. However, snakes have one different reason for invading people’s basements. The main reason why snakes invade people’s basements is because they find basements as secure shelters. Sometimes snakes get stuck in someone’s basement while tracking down wild animals such as a mice or rats. They get inside basements while tracking rodents but don’t know how to exit the area. Some snakes also invade basements because they think they can find food there. However, people who have snakes in their basement pretty much don’t care why the animals got inside their basement. These people only care about how to get rid of the snake and how to keep them out of their basement. In this article, we will teach you how to keep snakes out of your basement and make your basement unattractive to those horrifying snakes. Keep on reading to learn how to prevent snake invaders in your basement!

Step 1 - Eliminating Hiding Places
To prevent snakes from invading your basement, you have to start from your basement’s surroundings, i.e. the outside of your home. This means that you should keep your yard unattractive to the snakes. Remember that snakes are intelligent animals and that they will hide under various things in your yard so they can prey on other wild animals. Knowing this fact, you should keep your lawn mowed, relocate your compost piles, and trim your shrubs. You should also remove fallen fruits from your yard.

Step 2 - Moving Things
If you don’t want to see snakes in your basement, you should move piles of sheet metal, firewood, bricks, and boards somewhere secluded, such as in a shed. This will prevent snakes from hiding under such materials and later invading your basement or home.

Step 3 - Getting Rid of Animals
If you don’t want to see snakes in your basement, you should get rid of animals that snakes naturally prey on. These animals that snakes prey on include frogs, lizards, rodents, and birds. You should also get rid of insects on your property if you don’t want snakes on it because some snake species are insectivores.

Step 4 - Small Cracks and Holes
If there are small cracks and holes on the foundation of your home, seal them with hardware cloth. This will prevent snakes from entering your home and basement! How to keep snakes out of your basement

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