Will a high pitch sound deterrent machine work against groundhogs?

Ground hogs are also known as whistlepigs. The reason this name is eye opening. The groundhog makes high-pitched sounds to ward off unwanted animals around it (especially those of its kind). This sets the pace for us. They are used to hearing their own kinds high pitched sounds; therefore in this case, high pitched sounds will definitely not work on them

Why wont the pitch pitched instruments work
• Their anatomy has already been fashioned in a way that they can actually stand the noises. Considering they can make similar sounds to ward off others, then clearly noise does not bother them.
• As long as something is not causing direct body harm, animals adopt to the situation. When the groundhogs hear the sounds for the first time, they may be scared and probably hide or look for a different shelter for just a while. Once it realizes the sound isnot harmful, it will shift back to its quarters and will stay put.
• They are naturally protective of their burrows, and will probably just lie and wait for the real danger toshow up as opposed to going to look for a new home without actually having to confront anything.

But people say these instruments work!
You have probably heard people swear about their effectiveness.

• It is a marketing ploy to get you to buy high pitched instruments from manufacturers.
• It is short lived as all it takes is for the groundhog to get wiser and that is it. They move right back into their burrows or dig deeper.
• The have people who say it works observe the have probably not stuck around to fully observe the actual effects of the sound on the whistlepig.

So what is one advised to do?
Well if you really want to remove a groundhog from under your porch or shed, try the more lethal and potent methods of getting rid of them or the more natural methods of repelling them from the very start. A little research will inform you on the best methods to use to achieve this.Exclusion is impossible with groundhogs as they dig through the ground. However good, natural repelling methods work quite well!

Watch out
While they do not pose much danger to you directly, the effects of their damage are devastating and may cost you a pretty penny. So try as hard as you can to keep them away from your home.

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