Will a high pitch sound deterrent machine work?

High pitches sound deterrent are said to be more effective in scaring many animals including rabbits etc but for raccoons it is not the case as these animals are said to be excellent in pretending to be dead. They do not even fear animals like lion and wolves and only possible mean to get rid of them is by making traps or natural home remedies.

Set Traps to capture them:
One of the safest and easiest ways is to trap them. There are many traps available in the market. Buy them and make them attractive by placing the food item in it, this will attract them and they will get into your trap. Tomatoes banana and other fruits serve as perfect bait for them. Keep these traps open only at night as it is the perfect time for them to get out in search of food.

Apply fence:
If you are going apply fence around your area to keep them away from it then you can be successful up to some extent but they can also dig along your garden and enter your house. Therefore this act cannot be regarded as an ultimate solution.

Garlic Spray:
Another way to keep them away is by mixing fresh garlic with fresh water and making a spray of it and then you can sprinkle it around the area. The smell of it will keep them away from the area.

Spices Spray:
Other than garlic spray you can also make spray with spices and can use it to repel raccoons away from your territory.

Chemical repellents
You can also use chemical repellents to deter the raccoons. However it is better to use the eviction fluid in order to deter these rodents.

Using high pitch sounds to deter raccoons
Sometimes people also prefer to get the ultrasonic devices which are especially designed to repel the rodents and pests. These electronic devices have got the ability to produce ultrasonic waves which can be sensed by these raccoons and then they simply deter away from the place. However in most of the cases it has been found that this method does not work well and raccoons sometimes not even respond to the ultrasonic waves.

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