Will a high pitch sound deterrent machine work against skunks?

Some people prefer using the high pitch ultrasonic waves in order to deter the wild animals and rodents like skunks and other such animals. However it has been found through experiences and experiments that this is not at all a reliable and useful way of deterring the animals like skunks. In fact the skunks do not even respond to these high frequency waves and take them completely normal. Although high pitch sounds may be helpful in deterring certain rodents like rabbits but it will never work for skunks. It is therefore far better to apply home remedies and other techniques to deter these animals from coming into your house premises.

Traps can help a lot
Setting traps is the safest and the most reliable way of getting rid of the skunks. It is not only the safest but the easiest ways as well and you can also get the guarantee of trapping at least some of the skunks out of your house. Different kinds of traps are presently available and you can use any one of them depending on your ease. It is advised to keep the traps open at night as well because usually skunks come out at night in search of food. Putting attractive bait in the cage trap and positioning the trap correctly are the key points which can help you get your goal.

Protect the outdoors by means of fence
Usually skunks get entry into the house by digging the ground in garden and then they can tunnel up to the foundations of shed and porch. Therefore if the high fence is installed then they cannot enter into your garden and hence cannot dig away the plants as well. Moreover the pet food in the yard will also be safe by this method. Some people also suggest applying electric fence but that idea is a bit risky because if you have pets in your house or in the neighborhood, it can be harmful for them. Moreover if there are children in the house, even then the electric fence should not be applied.

Applying chemical repellents
Certain people also suggest applying chemical repellents which have been proved to be very successful in deterring the skunks. Especially the skunks strongly deter the odor of spices. Applying these substances in the garden or outside the house will help in deterring the skunks and they will not be able to enter inside.

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