Will a high pitch sound deterrent machine work against snakes?

Since most people fear getting near a snake, we tend to figure out everything that may possibly work in order for us not to come across with them in any way. We need to find out if high pitch sound deterrent machines are a magic fighter for this reptile.

Snake size
We know that they can be very long, just as what we see in movies but as a matter of fact, snakes can also be very tiny and thin.

• Can be tiny as a 4-inch long snake
• Pythons and anacondas can go over 23- feet long

Sense of Snake
Snakes are known to have a very tough sense of feel. While they were not given ears, they can still sense an approach by perceiving vibrations whether by air or ground. There are however, studies that say this reptile can hear because they have an internal structure that can hear vibrations. They also have a refined sense of smell, wherein they can track their targets using their tongue. Of course, we are all aware that their tongue are constantly on the move.

Ultrasonic electronic devices
Mostly, ultrasonic devices will claim that they can repel snakes with their high pitch sound deterrent qualities. Indeed, people will always say everything you want to hear for them to sell their product and for you to buy it as well. Frankly speaking, these ultrasonic devices will not work against snakes.

Why high pitch sound machines will never work again snakes?
We may say, “It is a device. Of course, it will work; it is manufactured.” Nope, not in any way. These devices are short range and weak. They can never be a quick fix to our robust reptiles. We have to take note that snakes are reptiles and not insects. They are not tiny insects that will go away due to a vibration. Snakes are not like any other animals or insects that can be easily moved by things around them. They do not normally get scared easily especially if they are already used to staying in a particular place. For that reason, do not go on wasting your time in searching for the so-called best ultrasonic device in your local hardware store and spending your money to buy such devices as it will certainly not work out for you and your desire to repel snakes from it.

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