What should I do with a squirrel after I catch it?

Bear in mind that the best way to start doing this is to confirm your county regulations on wild life. The following steps is applicable to areas where live trapping is allowed and the law does not clearly stipulate that the squirrel be professionally killed by a veterinarian or an authorized pest control representative.

So, after you successfully caught the animal through a live cage trap, it is now the time for its release to a place five miles away from your home. It is highly advised that you observe the whole process humanely. You really need not kill the squirrels. You can always set them off in a faraway place to survive on their own, while protecting your home and conscience.

1. Remove live cage trap from its installed position
When the animal is in the live cage trap, you have to prudently remove it from where you set it up. During the process, be sure not to give any chance for the captured rodent to break free. Once you sensibly remove the set-up, close its gate immediately to facilitate the animal being trapped completely.

2. Take away the caged animal from your home or building
The captured squirrel should be brought to a place at least five miles away from where you live. This is because, on the average, the nest range of, for example, a male eastern gray squirrel, is about 3.41 hectares. Thus, you should take it even farther to lessen the chance of its returning to your home.

It would help a lot if you used a trap that is easy totransport. You may also consider carrying it across a stream or any water course from your home. Squirrels swim, yet a big river can provide adequaterestriction to discourage them from returning to your domicile. Just be sure that it cannot be capable of crossing the waterwaythrough the help of tree tops. If you caught more than one squirrel, release them altogether to save on gas, time and effort.

3. Liberate the squirrels
Bring the live cage trap in a forested area, a park if possible, instead of a place near the home of someone. Ensure that you are 30 feet, at the minimum, from the closest road. Set the live cage trap above the land and patiently wait for it to relax. Then, carefully open the trap door and let it run its merry way. While waiting for the squirrel to dash away, you may walk a little farther from the live cage trap, then come back as soon as it escapes.

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