How to get squirrels out of your attic?

How Did He Get in There?
If you find yourself aghast at the sight of a squirrel in your attic, then chances are there is a hole somewhere in your home. Whether it be through the roof, the chimney, a vent, the baseboards, walls, or some wood rotting away you didn't know about, here it is. The varmint was seeking food or shelter, and decided to bless you with its presence. However, there is no reason to worry, as getting rid of these creatures is not as difficult as you might think.

Steps for Removal
1. Locate the nest- You ought to keep in mind that squirrels seeking refuge in your attic may be looking for a suitable nest in which to bear their young. Each litter contains 3-5 kittens, and they may be buried or hard to see, so be diligent in finding out whether or not you are housing any little ones. It is safest for them to be removed before you attempt to lure out the mother squirrel.
2. Remove the kittens- If you are 100% confident that every corner has been searched and there are no babies, move to step 3. Make sure that, once the adult is caught, you sweep through one more time and are certain you don't find any. Kittens should never be separated from their mother. The mother may try to attack you if her young are threatened, so proceed with caution. WEARING THICK GLOVES, carefully remove each young one into a pillow case or soft receptacle where they will receive plenty of warmth until they are reunited with their mother.
3. Seal the exits- Scope out any holes, cracks, or vulnerable points in the attic through which the squirrel may escape. You must establish only one point of exit throughout this process. If possible, seal off other holes and limit the space the squirrel is able to occupy as much as possible.
4. Bait and trap- A small-sized cage works best. Place the bait inside of the trap, and position it near the exit. The squirrel will be easier to catch if you close the attic door and give it time to scope out the trap. If its babies have been taken already, the mother may be nervous and not attracted to the food. In this case only, CAREFULLY place her kittens into the trap for her to go after. The overall objective is for the mother to safely return to her kittens.
5. Remove the squirrel- After removing them from your attic, place the cage gently outside and leave the door open. The mother will move the kittens of her own accord and take them to safety. There is no need to relocate the animal(s). It is illegal in many states to relocate a wild animal. You should place the cage as close to a wooded area as possible.
6. Inspect and patch home- Try to identify how the squirrel entered your home, and then resolve it by patching the hole or sealing off the entrance. Double check to make sure that squirrels and other animals will no longer be able to enter your home.

What if This Problem Continues?
If you keep encountering squirrels entering your home, then you probably have an entry point you are unaware of. You can call a professional pest control service to look at the home for you and see if they find any spots you didn't see. Squirrels are surprisingly cunning, and they will continue to find new ways to gain entry if that is what they want. If you have already removed one from your home, don't forget to check behind it for kittens you may not have spotted. When in doubt, always consult a professional, or your local animal control or conservation network.

How to get rid of squirrels in the attic yourself: Steps to Take
If you have squirrels in the attic, you should worry. Your electrical wiring and wall boards are in great peril because squirrels gnaw at them looking to nesting material. The racket they create as they come and go during the day is not pleasant even for the most animal loving people.

What are they doing in the attic anyway?
The attic is a warm safe place to build a nest and have babies in.
It keeps the predators away.
It is a nice place to keep away from the harsh conditions of severe weather.

How do you remove them?
1. Traps- they are a great way to remove squirrels. However, you must use the best bait(like nuts and crackers); you must be patient and have to keep off until the squirrel is trapped.
2. Noise and light repellents- squirrels scare fast; therefore, noise and light repellents will force them to move. Simply leave a noisy device in the attic and watch the squirrel move out on its own accord. You can also make the noise yourself.
3. Exclusion doors- you can build one way doors in the entry points that the squirrels use into your home. This in effect will ensure when they leave the attic, they will not come back again.

Once they are gone
Ensure your compound is clean, taking keen interest in fallen fruits, nuts and pet treats as they will be an attractive food source for the squirrels.
Use metal flashing on all entry points that the squirrels used to get in through to ensure they do not come back.
Place rags soaked in ammonia in places the squirrels like visiting like near trash bins. The awful smell repels them and with time they stop coming.
Also remember to seal any vents with heavy duty screens.
Trim trees around your home to a distance of about 6 – 8 feet between your house and the trees. This ensures they do not jump to your roof and regain entry into the attic.

Take special interest
Be very careful that you do not seal babies in the attic. Once the mother is out listen carefully for babies or conduct a physical search. If there are babies:
You can give them time to grow and move out on their own.
You can relocate them. Although this is usually hard and they die off.
Ask for professional help to remove them.

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