How Well Can Squirrel Climb and Jump

If you have ever spot squirrel mostly the tree or flying squirrel while on the tree you will discover how smart and active they are in climbing and jumping. In fact, squirrels in general usually run very fast and also jump quite long distances between tree branches while playing with each other or running away from predator. They are smart enough to climb from one tree branch to another and even jump right from a tree branch to the fence and on top of roof. That is why they can easily get into your attic even when there are no tree branches touching your roof or fence.

Squirrels Are Good Climbers and Can Climb Any Height
If there is anything you need to know about squirrel when you are trying to prevent them from coming to your house is that they are good climbers. The height of your walls to the roof does not matter to them when they find anything interesting up there. There are naturally good climbers that can easily ascent to the top of your roof as fast as possible. In fact, squirrel can easily run to the roof with same speed they will use while running on the ground.

Squirrel Can Jump From Tree Branches around Your Home to Your House Top
When it comes to jumping, squirrel can be ranked as the second animal with highest ability to jump from one place to another after monkey. The tree squirrels can jump from one palm tree to another that a bit distances from each other. Sol if there are trees around your home you can easily has squirrel infestation as they will easily jump into your roof from the tree branches nearby.

You Cannot Prevent Squirrel Infestation through Wire Mesh Fencing As They Can Easily Climb that
With their sharp claws they can easily lay hold on wire mesh and climb to the top of the fence if they wish. For that reason fencing your house with wire mesh when you want to get rid of squirrel is like wasting whole lot of your time on what will not really work out. They can easily climb up the fence and get into your house when they want to do so.

How to Prevent Squirrel from Climbing Up Your Walls
Indeed, you can still prevent squirrels from getting into your house or climbing to your roof by fencing the house with smooth walls. They usually climb walls with rough surceases and not smooth surface. More so, you have to cut of tree branches nearby your roof and remove any food sources that can easily attract them to your roof.

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