How do you know you have a squirrel in your attic?

These squirrels are almost everywhere. They will be very happy to live in the wild areas and also very happy to live in the urban areas. To them, the site where they live is not that important, but here is the problem, they will also happily live in the human habitation sites. That is really the problem. How do you tell that you have a squirrel in your attic? There are some signs that you need to look at when you want to know whether you have a squirrel in your attic. These are the most common and somehow pronounced signs that you should be looking at. These are;

• Tracks
• Sounds
• Odors
• Nests
• Droppings
• Entry points

To know whether there is really an uninvited guest in your house, pour out some flour in the floor around the entry point of the squirrel or where you suspect it to be leaving. When there is movement of the animal, the paw will be left on the ground and here you will be very certain that there is an animal in your home.

Squirrels most of all the flying squirrels are nocturnal animals. This only means that they are very active during the night. Therefore, you will occasionally hear some scampering sounds during the night. All you will hear some sharp voices if the squirrels are more than one in the attic.

After some period of time, the urine and the droppings from the squirrel will start emanating from somewhere. Also there could be a deadly stench coming from the attic. This could mean that the animal has died and therefore, something needs to b done.

This is another sign that could indicate to you that there are actually squirrels in the attic. If you see visible nests and that look very lively, then know that there are squirrels in your attic.

If you identify the poops in your house, and you are sure that the poops belong to the squirrel, then you should know that you have a squirrel in your home that need to be taken care off.

Entry points
These are other signs that you should be looking at incase you notice that there are animals in your home. Check for any entry point in the house and seal that entry area immediately before more get into your house.

If you want to know you have a flying squirrel in your house simply check at those few detailed points.

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