Squirrel in the fire place

Squirrels are very active diurnal animals for all year around. Squirrels belong to a family rodents that are characterized of being small or medium sized. The family includes flying, tree and ground squirrels. To some parts of the world, such as America and Africa, they are indigenous. Squirrels have a general tendency of entering into chimneys and are unable to get out by climbing and are then forced to try through the fireplace or the ducts found in most of the basements.

Find their entry route and method

Squirrels can squeeze themselves against small holes in the house and find their way into the chimney. In the same way, squirrels are good climbers and can access your chimney through rooftop.Therefore, any visible entrances should be marked including vents, creases joining two roofs as well as attic vents.

Removal through the house

All doors leading to any rooms should be closed and only one left open, for the squirrel to use when going out. The door should be the nearest to the fireplace. If possible, all sources of incoming light should be covered, as the squirrel will find its easiest exit through a light illumination. It is important to note that if the squirrel would have tried to climb and is stuck in the chimney vent, the flu must be opened in order for the animal to drop in the fireplace.

Humane Removal of the squirrel

Squirrels are good climbers, when a thick rope is dropped through the chimney, the squirrel will eventually climb out of the chimney. Under any no circumstance should a squirrel be evicted from the chimney by smoke or fire, which is endangering the life of the animal. The rope use can be improvised by using some clothes, blankets that can offer the squirrel a more secure surface to find grip to climb. Any movement should be minimal for the squirrel to climb out. The animal should be able to get out of the fireplace with 24 hours, otherwise it should be removed to avoid dehydration to its death.

Enquire or consult a professional

In many instances, the squirrels may become problematic if it is the first time one of them has found its way into the house. To avoid frustration and maybe injury to the animal, it is highly recommended that you seek the assistance of a professional to evade any potential safety risks and humane concerns of the animal

Squirrel in the fire place

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