Squirrel Nest How It Look And Where You Can Find It

Squirrels are dexterous rodents with bushy tail and they are in all part of the world. There are more than 200 species of squirrel in the world. But they are popularly categorized into three which are tree squirrel, flying squirrel and ground squirrel. While the ground squirrels normally burrow holes on the ground where they live to make nest of babies, the flying and tree squirrels normally make next mostly when they want to make babies. You are going to get information about the appearance of squirrel nest as well as where you can easily spot one through this article.

The Appearance of Squirrel Nest of Dray
While the ground squirrel normally lives by their name by burrowing tunnel where they live the tree and flying squirrels normally make nest mostly for the babies. The nest is made with combination of several materials like sticks, twigs and others. Squirrel nest is also known as dray and it normally resemble eagle nest when you sight it on top of high tree from the ground.

The Materials Used By Squirrels to Make Dray
Squirrel normally gathers different kind of materials when it wants to prepare a nest also known squirrel dray. Some of the materials used by squirrel for construction of dray include: Grass, twigs, sticks, leaves and others. The normally put the materials together in a perfect order to ensure there is a comfortable place for them to lay their babies during the breeding season. Also, squirrel normally makes the nest with materials that will serve as a good insulation against cold during the winter season.

Where You Can Find Squirrel Nest of Dray
Squirrel normally assembler the materials mentioned above on top of very tall tree. They normally choose the place where predators will not disturb them at any point in time. The nest, dray or den as it is normally called can easily be visit during the autumn when the leaves on the trees have fallen off. The favorite location for squirrel nest is always the tree crotch that is more than 30-45 feet above the ground. Apart from the tree top, they can equally nest on walls or attic of a building. The dry can easily cause serious fire hazard as it is made of dry wood, leaves and other things that can easily catch fire when there is any little spark from electric wiring system.

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