What One Should Do About A Squirrel On The Roof?

You do not wish to be woken up from an afternoon siesta by the sound of squirrels running all over your roof. It is quite a racket. They are animals; they do not know they are getting on your last nerve. Well, let us explore ways of ensuring they stay on the ground and if possible away from our compounds.

First thing
They say, for one to win a battle they must learn the enemy. So how does someone achieve this?

• Take time to learn how and why the squirrel is getting on your roof.
• Squirrels are jumpers and will jump to a length of six feet comfortably. Are there trees around the house?
• What is attracting them to your roof? Are there fruits or nuts that they are trying to reach for?
• Do they use the roof as a primary route to your attic?

This has been done- What’s next?
When one identifies the problem, it is time to take action.

• The first thing is to cut any branches that may be hanging around your roof or near it to a distance of about eight feet away from the roof. This will prove too difficult for the squirrels and they will go on to other roofs.
• Squirrel proof the trees and poles near your with slippery sheets. Like PVC or metal sheets. These are too slippery and the squirrel generally falls off when trying to grab on to them to climb trees.
• If your roof has nuts and fruits falling on it, make a habit of keeping it clean.

Anything else?
• If you have wires overhanging or connected to your house, you may need to put PVC pipes that will rotate and drop the squirrels once they step on them to get to your house.
• Squirrel repellents may work to some extent, but one is looking for a long term solution and not a temporary solution to the trouble.

Ensure that your roof is not a pathway to your attic. This can be done by:

• Ensuring there are no openings to your attic.
• Checking for nests or nest material on the attic floor.

Generally, the easiest way to stop them playing on your roof is removing the reason for their presence and limiting the ways they can get on your roof in the first place. Remember the services of a pet dog here may not work.

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