How To Keep Squirrels Out Of My Bird Feeder

Well, clearly the drums of war have been sounded. And at this point a person is tired of the possible damage the squirrel is doing on their feeders, or possibly scaring away the birds. Hence the chances of being nice to the squirrels are long gone. There are a couple of ways to do these.

Please remember;
• These little critters are amazing jumpers and will jump up to a height of six feet into the air.
• They are versatile, and ways to get food never escape them. Consider squirrel proof methods if you are doing it.
• They are fast runners, so you may not want to consider catching with your hands.

So how can one beat them?
Probably the easiest way is to squirrel proof your bird feeders.

• Consider using squirrel collars on poles where feeders rest or on chains where the feeders hang from. They will prevent the squirrel climbing beyond the point of the collar.
• You can the poles slippery. For instance use of smooth metal poles or PVC poles as opposed to wood will make it hard for the little critters climbing up posts.
• One can use squirrel baffles too. You will find them in cylindrical forms or domes the fact that they are very smooth makes it impossible for the squirrel to climb over them unto the feeder. They are usually positioned below or above the feeder.
• Use squirrel proof bird feeders. These are feeders which once a squirrel mounts it, it automatically triggers a mechanism that shuts the feeder from its weight.

There are more natural methods.
• One can place their bird feeder on a really long ole. About ten feet high, and far away from places the squirrel will jump from and reach the feeder.
• You also have the option of using bird feed that is unappealing to the squirrels. For instance safflower seeds, white proso millet seeds among others.

If you are their lover, you could also decide to;

• Provide them with food in their own feeders.
• Provide food options a little further away from your bird feeders so they do not notice the bird feeders.

Whatever your choice, remember if you have a bird feeder, live in an area which has squirrels, you will most likely have these little visitors; the only question is how you plans to handle them. We suggest in a humane manner.

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