Do Squirrels Chew On Wood In Or On A House? Why and What Are the Risk

This is one of the questions most homeowners ask when they have squirrel infestation. The truth is that squirrels chew on virtually anything around them whether hard or soft. In fact it will be easier for you to prevent squirrel from getting into your house than stopping them from eating on the wood once they are already in your house. There are lots of reasons why squirrel constantly chew on thing around including metal wires and wood. One of the obvious reasons why squirrel chew on wood is to keep the teeth in check and control so as to avoid outgrowing the limit it will be convenient for it to make use of.

Reasons Why Squirrel Chew on Wood
Squirrel chewing is just normal and natural thing for them to do from time to time. While in the wild they normally chew on back of trees and on any wood surface around them. Then when they come into the house like in the attic or other part the will continue to put their teeth in check through constant chewing on wood, metal wires and others. More so, they chew on sticks and cut wood with their teeth when they want to construct a nest where mother squirrel will care for her baby.

Squirrel Make Their Teeth Strong through Constant Chewing and Gnashing On Wood
Squirrels already have strong incisors but always ensure that made it stronger through contact chewing on wood and anything around them. In addition they normally exercise their teeth and sharpen it better in order to prepare it for a task ahead of them when they want to construct a nest or dray as it is called. That is why you cannot possibly stop squirrel from chewing on wood while in your attic.

The Risk of Squirrel Chew On Wood in Your House
There are enormous risks associated with squirrel chewing on wood. If your house is constructed with wood can make holes on the walls and eat through your house to get into another part of your house where they will cause great damage. The wood used to construct you attic will be badly affected when y you have family of squirrel inhabiting the attic. That made it important for you to do everything possible to ensure you keep squirrel away from your home to avoid damages to your wood and other m

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