Do Squirrels Make Good Pets?

Yes, they look cute and chubby. So can we adopt squirrels to make them our pets? Their playful nature entices us to keep them as pets. But would you succeed if you adopted one?

What do youneed to consider about squirrels before adoption?
Squirrels are hard to domestic. Their habits tend to remain wild for as long as they live. How?

• They are foragers and have the tendency to bury their food. For instance nuts.
• Generally their habitats do not train them to remain in enclosed spaces. They like trees, underground dwellings and bushes.
• The traditional meaning of a pet is an animal whose mannerisms can be trained and modified to be in tune with the owners’ wishes. This is not so with squirrels. They are too busy, to learn anything.
• Even when cared for and fed, they get agitated fast by humans and therefore have the tendency to get aggressive quickly.

What if a person goes ahead and adopts one anyway?
You can adopt one, but it is best done when they are babies. Because, they will at least adopt to your environment more easily. Remember;

• They are energetic creatures and hence require a lot of space to play and work. Therefore, do not consider a cage as you will have finished of the little fellow.
• Squirrels are messy and will basically toss everything in their path just to get a small thing they want. So feeding can be messy. Choose feeding areas well. Consider keeping them far away from your living quarters.
• Those teeth you see grow their whole lives. You need to provide them with enough things to ensure they exercise them. Failure to do so may cause illness.

Are there any dangers in adopting them?
Not really, but there are a few considerations to make.

• They are wild animals and have not been domesticated anywhere, it is best to let them roam free.
• They are generally ‘unteachable’, hence chewed into insulation, cardboard and wiring shouldn’t shock you.
• Despite their cuteness, fear or agitation can lead to aggressive behavior. They can claw or bite you.

So what’s the verdict?
Squirrels, unlike our other pets, are better off let roaming in the wild. They are better able to cope with their environment there as opposed to our homes where they are required to adapt to our expectations. Let the squirrels be free, it really is the best thing for them.

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