Do All Squirrels Have Rabies?

Well that was a very simple and point blank answer. But you need to know more so as to get assurance as to why we think squirrels do not have rabies.

So are squirrels carriers of rabies?
How of spreading rabies is through a bite of an infected animal and why squirrels are not their victims is;

● They are too swift to get caught and bitten by a rabid animal.
● Generally, the animals that can carry rabies and infect squirrels are also their sworn enemies. Therefore, squirrel see, squirrel run for their lives.
● A rabid animal, which in this case is also a squirrels’ hunter would be interested in having it as a meal, not spreading disease.
● Squirrels have a wide eye view and any signs of danger prompt them to climb up the nearest tree or run into the bushes. Therefore, the chances of squirrels carrying the rabies virus are zero.

What if you get bitten by one?
Do not panic. There is really nothing to worry about other than a normal wound. You could rush to hospital;

● And get a band aid for your wound.
● Or get antibiotics to decrease your chances of the wound getting septic.

Is there no anti-rabies vaccine?
There is no vaccine to treat you for rabbis for a squirrel bite. It has not warranted anti rabies protocol since it has been proven people hardly get rabies from squirrel bites.

What to do when bitten?
● Treat your wound with antiseptic.
● Cover it to avoid infection.
● Dress it regularly to keep it clean and avoid further infection.

Are there other health risks involved?
Yes there are. Those critters carry fleas and ticks.

● You do not want to find yourself nursing a tick fever or battling with flea bites.
● Unhygienic handling of their droppings may also infect you with a salmonella infection. That would be dangerous.

Even if you are bitten by a squirrel take comfort in the knowledge that the animal has taken all precautions to ensure they do not fall victim to bites. And if they got bitten, they are probably dead. It is wise though to have a check up and see if you may have contracted something. Also do a research about the squirrels that live within your area and find out if there have been any reported cases of rabid squirrels reported. This is extremely rare if not completely unheard of.

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