Do More Squirrels Live In Urban Areas Or Wild Areas?

Squirrels will take advantage of available chimneys, attics, crawls paces and basements to escape the winter coldand raise young ones. Sealing these entryways with half-inch mesh prevents many problems associated with these creatures. Once the rodents have established their homes within your house, try to find out if they are raising their young ones then leave later. During the breeding season, squirrels tend to invade homes as they offer a secure and warm place to raise their young ones, it is advisable that you monitor the young ones until they are able to fend for themselves before you forcibly remove them.

Removing squirrels from homes
Most squirrels are able to survive on their own after hitting 10-12 weeks. However, if you must eliminate squirrels sooner enough, there are several repellants you can use from local feed stores. This method will make them leave on their own taking their young with them. Placing a radio in close proximity to their denning areas is another way of chasing them. The use of live traps is effective when you are certain that there are no baby squirrels around. A one-way-door allows the rodents to leave their zones without coming back as the door can’t let them in.

Where do others live?
Tree squirrels naturally live in woodlands since they favor trees as their habitats. The ground types live up to their names. Burrows are dug; a system of underground tunnels where they live in and hibernates during winter. Flying squirrels create their households in nests built into the twigsor tree holes. These are their original intended habitat in the wild but the rodents have found their ways to the urban neighborhood.

Why do they prefer urban areas?
Unlike the wild forests, where a squirrel can belong to numerous food chains from praying predators, the urban areas cuts off many predators. Others are fearless beggars, moving from golf courses, city parks and farmlands. They scamper around for human dish outs like peanuts and bread without fearing any slight attack.

Food habitats
Squirrel reproduction and survival change depending on the availability of food. Those in the wilderness depend on heavy seeded mast specifically the acorns. They also eat berries and fruits, floral parts, bark, buds, roots and mushrooms. The urban squirrel tends to eat;

• meat,
• eggs,
• fruits,
• nuts and
• seeds

Competition for food becomes intense when a readily available source becomes depleted. This forces the well-established adults to chase away the young adults thereby increasing the mortality rate.

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