How To Get Squirrels Out Of The Attic?

Before we can learn how we need to get rid of squirrels, we need to understand why they are in the attic in the first place.

A squirrels ‘house’
Squirrels will live in places that have the assurances and comfort of most animals that are prey to others. Therefore, your homes’ attic may be that place. Mainly because;

• It provides warm and dry shelter for the squirrel
• They are shielded from predators; therefore there’s is ample security for them and their young ones.
• There is easy access to food. Being omnivorous, squirrels will eat meats and plants. Contrary to old age belief that they eat nuts alone, they are open to most foods in your kitchen

These reasons therefore make your attic a great choice when it comes to habitation for the squirrels.

How do I know they are in the house?

This one is easy:

• Noises of scratching and chipping from the ceiling
• Finding their nests
• Food trials.

How does someone rid themselves of this intrusion?
Well, the best method is one which will give you a guarantee that they will not come back into the attic. The following methods are suggested for a person who wants to do it.

• Use humane traps in the attic, with bait that appeals to the squirrel. Pet stores will have these for sale and getting one wouldn’t be a problem. Once you have trapped the squirrels, move them far away from your home to ensure they do not find a way back into your home.
• You can create one way exit doors for the squirrels, ensuring once they are out, they will never get back into the attic.
• Use of chemical repellents. These may only be effective for a while. Once they have relocated, seal all entry points. Repellents can also be harmful to people.

These two methods will work well if a person ensures all possible entries and holes are blocked.

Are there other options?
• Eviction fluid may work well
• The services of pest control, who will not only remove them, but relocate them safely too.

There have been other methods suggested like use of moth balls and lights, but they have not proven to work effectively. The only best way is when each and every squirrel is gone and has no chance of coming back into the house. This may need actual human interaction.

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