How To Get Squirrels Out Of The Chimney

This is actually a problem that occurs more often than you would think and to a lot of people too. Squirrels find their way into attics and other parts of your house that are concealed, so the chimney is no different.

Mostly if the squirrel stays in your chimney for a long time it means that it is probably stuck and you might need to help it out and if not then you need a different way to get it out. So the first step would be to determine whether the squirrel has a way out.

Using a rope
• A squirrel climbs up the rope and exits the chimney.
• The surface of the rope has a texture which makes it easy for even an injured squirrel to climb up. The squirrel may not climb out immediately you put the rope in place, because it may be afraid of you. So just the leave it in place and check after a few hours. The squirrel will be out by then

Incase it’s not stuck in the chimney; conventional means of getting rid of squirrels may be employed.

• A live cage trap with appropriate bait will lure the squirrel to the trap and then afterwards you can get rid of the squirrel appropriately.

Smoking out
This method is very ill advised.

• Suppose the squirrel is trapped in the chimney, and your idea of getting it out is smoking it out. You will only wind up killing the poor creature.
• This is very inhumane as it would be torturous to the squirrel, and supposingit couldn’t move at the time then you only just made your job harder. DO NOT USE THIS METHOD

Barriers to keep the squirrels out of the house
• Sealing of your chimney with a mesh thatwon’t allow the squirrels through into the chimney is one way.
• Purchase and install a chimney cap.
• Seal off any hole in your walls and roof.

Dead squirrel in the chimney
This is not very common but then it’s also a possibility and it has happened severally.

• You will need professional help.
• It also depends on which part of the chimney it dies in. If it’s happens in the slick chimney flues, then you might have a big problem since there is no way to get to them.
• They decompose and stink up your houseand you can only wait for the process to end in mummification of the rodent for the smell to disappear.

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