How To Keep Squirrels Out Of My Garden

So, given that squirrels are naturally fast and tenacious, clearly sitting on the porch with gun, is not an option a disgruntled house owner will want to take. Of course, your dug up garden and eaten up seeds and fruits will enrage, but that really is not an option to consider.

How do I know they have been in my garden?
Obviously some of us may not know the signs. Here are some pointers that squirrels been ‘helping’ with your gardening.

• If you find some of your fruits missing, or with bite marks on them, you probably had a visitor of the squirrel family.
• Shallow digging in different places.
• Constant uprooting of plants. May they be vegetables, flowers or fruits. They are probably looking for storage areas for their nuts.
• Have your newly planted seeds gone missing? Well you may have squirrel friends around.

How to take care of the menace
A number of things can be done to take care of your squirrel problem

• You can opt to scare them away by use of an animal like a dog or the use of predators like pet owls or hawks or even trained cats.
• Keep your garden and compound clean, such that there will be no fallen fruit to attract them
• You can also decide to cover your garden floor by mulching.
• Try methods of distracting them. Like providing them with feeders that have more appealing food than the one in the garden.

Less natural methods
Sometimes the nature friendly way may not work well, so how about taking I a notch higher? For instance;

• Exclude them by covering your garden with some kind of cage or cover that will not let them in. using chicken wire or bird netting is a good deterrent.
• Cover your fruits by individually covering them with protective wrappers.
• Look for repellents in the market, especially those that have capsicum as a component. As long as it is hot, it may repel them.

What if these methods fail?
Truth be told, squirrels are adoptable, but no, there is no way all these methods will fail. You will control them. In cases where they become overwhelming, seek the services of pest control experts and wildlife officials. This is because some species may be controlled, and further action like poisoning may actually get you in trouble with the law.

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