How to get squirrels out of a wall

Have you experienced coming to work each day feeling tired due to lack of sleep? If yes, was it because you can hear weird noises in your walls? Well, this can happen and, I wonder, what have you done about it? Have you identified the culprit? Was it a mouse, a squirrel or a possum?

When your home is a bit old, wiring, plumbing and all, being visited by nocturnal pests can be dangerous. For one, when they tinker with your ancient electric wires, it can result to having your home set on fire. If you think using repellents, like mothballs, can solve your problem, think again.

Repellents are good preventive measures, although they really do not work most of the time. The problem is how to bring back peace in your home by getting pests out of your wall. Honestly, these animals may not even know where they are. So, the finest thing for you to do is to follow these simple steps:

1. Know precisely how these animals enter your walls. So, look for wall openings. Upon discovering the entrance, inspect its size and whatever evidence may be there to give you an idea of your nocturnal visitor. If it is a squirrel, you should see quite a large hole;

2. Close off the boundaries of the entry point. Once the residence of squirrels is ascertained, blocking the entry points will not make them move to another place.They would just continue pecking away till they are home again;

3. Now, you can try using your repellents to deter them from coming in again. On the other hand, if the noise persist despite what you did, it is time to use some baited traps. Take note though that traps are complicated and disreputably slow,yet generally are adequate aimed at eliminating domestic infestation;

4. Once you catch the culprit, you have to dispose it away from your home and as sanctioned by your state.Meanwhile, if the noise persist and your baited trap did not catch anything, then you need to get the intruder out of your wall. It is best to this immediately as most pests, specifically the squirrel, can only stay alive without water for a day.

5. If you tarry, you will stand the chance of having a dying rodent inside your walls.So, are you ready for the resulting decomposing smell?The good news is that you could locate the precise area by smell. Now, cut an opening using a saw, then place a cloth below to collect the dust;

6. Remove the dead squirrel and put it inside a bio-hazard bag.Spray the spot where you removed the squirrel with Bac-Azap, an outstanding disinfectant and deodorizer. Next, replace the cut section of wall and cover it back using a superior adhesive wall patch.

7. Of course, you are always free to get in touch with your neighborhood animalcontrol specialists to assist you in this task.

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