How to identify squirrel tracks

Squirrels are easy to spot in the wilds. The grey fur and big fluffy tails alone make these animals highly recognizable. No matter from which state or region you reside, most likely, you have seen a squirrel munching some acorns by the oak tree.

Basic instinct

A squirrel usually goes down a tree with its head first. This makes the squirrel’s feet move from behind its back. If you want to tell how a squirrel track would appear, you need to find out some clues to begin with. More squirrels come out when its autumn. They do this to gather as many acorns before winter. When it’s sunny, these creatures will always look for some shade and sit on top of a tree to rest. It doesn’t matter what season it is though; these animals are active all throughout the year.


A squirrel’s footprint may look similar to a rabbit’s footprint. The best way to describe it is when you see a couple of exclamation points on the tracks. The front part of a squirrel’s feet will show only four toes while five toes will appear on the rear.


Squirrels love to dwell near the trees where they can bite barks just as they do with acorns. If you see an oak tree with bite spots around it (usually a long vertical line), then it possibly came from a squirrel. There will also be some pieces of acorn shells at the bottom of the tree and maybe some scats left along the way.

The surrounding

These days, squirrels can be found outside the houses of your neighbors or even your own. Supposing your backyard has an edible garden, for sure these little critters will have something for their tummy. As a matter of fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if you find a squirrel’s nest at the very same place. Squirrels build their nests on a tree, which is commonly referred to as “dreys”. The nest of a squirrel is mostly made up of dried leaves. That means, you will most likely see different leaves scattered below it.

Watch your step

A squirrel’s tail may touch the ground from time to time. In some occasions, their railway may also leave a series of tail marks. Squirrels mark their territory by rolling their bodies to the ground as they pass by. This would allow other animals to distinguish their scent and know where they are.

How to identify squirrel tracks

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