What To Do About A Squirrel Under The Porch?

The most important thing is first to investigate the living quarters of the squirrel.

If you want to remove the squirrel from under your porch, it's imperative you know how and why it is there in the first place.

● Find out if there is a food source nearby.
● What routes does it have into the porch?
● Is it a nesting mother? If so, you may need to give the babies time to grow so that they can move out on their own.

What's next?
Well once you have established the entrances to its new found home under the porch and the conditions, it's time to remove them.

● You can get traps for them. This is done by putting food that they favor into the cage and once they reach for the food and trapping, moving them into another area far away from the house.
● You can use repellents on them.
● You can also use one way doors which ensure once they exit they cannot retreat back under the porch.
● A less humane and possibly dangerous way is simply smoking them out. Remember though, this may kill the squirrels and what you will have is a stink under your porch. Not forgetting your method may turn out to be harmful to you too. Remember the point is to remove them from their makeshift home under your porch.

What happens when they are gone?
● Ensure all possible entrances are well sealed to avoid repeat ‘offenders’.
● Clear your compound of fallen fruits or nuts and foods that attract and keep them coming back.
● If you have a garden you may want to exclude the squirrels by using bird nets or chicken wire to keep them away.

How about nesting mothers?
● Give the babies time to grow, and once they can move out on their own use any of the above methods.
● Nesting mothers are extra cautious, so you may risk injury if you decide to do it when they have newborn babies.

What if you can't do it on your own?
Why take too much risk when the chances of succeeding are next to nil? There are professionals who can do the job for you. All you need to do is look them up. Do not risk personal injury or disease if you feel you have not gathered enough expertise to do it on your own.

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