What Are Some Of The Symptoms Of A Sick Raccoon?

Just like every other warm blooded animal both in the wild and under human care fall sick so raccoon normally fall sick too. Each of raccoon sickness normally comes with different and unique symptoms which you can use to identify it. But the case of rabies is just different as it comes with most glaring symptom. You may not really know that a raccoon is suffering from effect of Leptospirosis which is one of the most common diseases of raccoon. You are going to get more information about the possible symptoms that are clear indication of a sick raccoon through this article.

Tiredness and Loss of Vision
Raccoon with roundworm can easily be noticed through too much tiredness and even loss of vision. They will find it difficult to walk around in search of food either in the day or night. This disease can easily result to raccoon being starved to death after sometime. For that reason, if you find raccoon walking towards an object without taking notice of the object then, you should suspect that it has lost it vision due to disease.

Stumble As If They Are Drunk
Have you ever found raccoon staggering and stumbling as if it is drunk? It is one of the symptoms of a rabid raccoon. The viral disease normally affects raccoon’s nervous system result to lack or difficult coordination in the body. It may walk around behaving abnormally even with other animals and object around it. You must stay away from such raccoon so as to avoid receiving bite which can result to rabies infection.

Exhibit Violent Behavior
Healthy raccoon do not always bite unless in an occasion where biting is the only option for it to defend itself. But a sick raccoon mostly the one affected with rabies will always exhibit violent behavior and administer bite to the mate and even to object around. If you ever sight such raccoon, the best thing you need to do is to run for your dear life so as to avoid being a rabies victim.

Do Not Exhibit Normal Fear Of Human
All wild animals both big and small have one thing in common and that is fear for human. But, sick raccoon normally go against the rule by not exhibiting normal feat to human just like every other wild animal. That is another clear indication that the raccoon is sick and not acting on its own accord.

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