What Are Some of the Symptoms of a Sick Bat?

There are so many diseases associated with bat which can be transferred to human through different ways. While some of the diseases disturb the hosts some do not disturb them and therefore do not show any kind of symptoms. The ones that disturbs them normally show obvious symptoms which will indicate to you that you are dealing with a sick bat for you to be more careful on how to go near to the bat. Histoplasmosis, rabies, Marburg fever, Ebola and others are the possible diseases bat can carry.

Bats Being Unnecessarily Aggressive
Bats affected with rabies will definitely be more aggressive than a healthy bat. The bat will be ready to bite and fight anything or anyone that comes close to it when it is already affected with the deadly disease. But the normal way of healthy bat is to move peacefully with others in a colony for roosting. That is why when you discover that bats are more aggressive than normal, you have to stay away and avoid getting closer to them.

Bat Being Tired and Not Being Able To Fly Very Well
If you find a bat hanging on the tree you will think it does not have power to move around. But the truth is that they are smart animal that can move with high speed in a particular direction when they are healthy. For that reason, if you find a bat flying as though it is really tired you should know that something is wrong with it and it can be possible that the bat is already infected with disease.

Behaving In Inappropriate Manner
Bats are nocturnal animals that normally sleep throughout the day and fly around in the night. For that reason whenever you find a bat moving in the day in an inappropriate manner you should know that something might be wrong with the bat. It can be either someone or something disturbs the habitat of it is infected with disease which made it unable to know the time to sleep and when to go in search of food.

Flying Without Taking Notice of Human
Bats though fly in the night yet do not heat their head on anything around them while flying. They are able to see clearly at night while moving around. But then when they are affected with disease like rabies, they can even fly and heat human without taking notice.

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