What are some of the symptoms of a sick pigeon?

A Pigeon found usually in human habitation is most of the times fearless and brave enough to walk and pick their food from the ground. A healthy and full of life pigeon is always admired by human beings. But like every other animal and bird, pigeons do get diseased and some of them may be deadly, causing other pigeons in the flock to catch the disease. Below is the list of few symptoms of a diseased pigeon:

• One of the most common way to identify and diagnose any disease in a pigeon is to check their droppings. Different diseases have different impact on health system of a pigeon and this directly affects the color and nature of the bird’s dropping. May it be green (from dark to light color) slimy, watery slimy or clear white droppings with small fecal matter, this tells a lot about a pigeon’s health.
• Loss of weight and poor flying or decreased desire to flying is also a significant symptom of a sick pigeon. This occurs usually due to unhygienic conditions and diseases caused by some viral infections.
• Decreased appetite and problems in digestion also indicate some health issue to the bird. Moreover, increased thirst can also be due to unsanitary conditions in the loft. This may result to loss of weight and death of the bird within days.
• Twisted neck and head has also been identified as symptom of some disease. But these conditions are quite seldom and rarely seen in the birds. Usually Parathyphoid and Paramyxovirus are cause of such symptoms.
• Vomiting has also been seen as a result of Adeno-Coli Syndrome. This symptom is usually not common is birds but this disease normally shows such condition.
• Another symptom of a very uncommon disease called Candid includes losses in training and poor performance in races. This condition is usually the yeast infection of the crop and intestine and usually caused by blind medications by a fancier.

Final Verdict
The above mentioned list is most commonly observed symptoms in pigeons and many diseases have common and more than one symptom. It is better to get your bird vaccinated in a certain age in order to protect them from deadly diseases.

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