What are some of the symptoms of a sick rat?

Like any other living being in this world, rats can also fall sick and they also show certain symptoms of illness and also need to be cured. Sometimes they can get injured like they might be having an injured tail or having sprained bones. Sometimes they might be having deep wounds of bite from other rodents or from the other rats as well. In another case some rats have also been reported to having the respiratory disorders which might be due to any infections. In these cases a proper medication is required so as to help them out in breathing and get recovered quickly.

Usually if you see any of the symptoms of sickness in a rat as discussed above, it is strongly suggested to visit a veterinary doctor or practitioner. There are some points of sickness of a rat which cannot be handled by you and it is strongly demanded to call to a vet in order to take the situation under control. However some people really hesitate to pay heavy bills of the vet and try to cure the problems of sickness of rat at home by themselves. In these cases it is necessary to have enough information so that you should know the proper symptoms and kind of care which should be given to the patient rats so that their disease can be cured and controlled in time. On the other hand if you think you cannot handle the situation anymore, you should immediately take it to a vet and should not risk its life anymore.

Certain tips to care for a rat
There are some typical symptoms which should be noted and if any of these is found wrong, then immediate recovery action should be taken. Some of these are as follows:

Ø The nose of a rat should always be dry and if it found running, then it is a sign of a respiratory infection.
Ø Sometimes the rats can also be exposed to moths, mites or ticks. It is advised to examine every time you purchase the bedding and food packages for your rat.
Ø If someone is smoking around, then the smoke of cigarette can also cause respiratory problems for a rat. This situation also demands immediate medical care.

In addition to this, some rats may also acquire injuries while passing through corners or having bitten by other creatures. These issues should also be addressed with great concern.

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