How to trap a Canada Goose

Looking for ways to trap a Canada goose? No need to sweat as there a number of things you can do to catch one or even more. Canada geese usually come in flocks so definitely you need to prepare something to that amount rather than looking to catch only one bird at a time.

Net trap
The use of net for instance may already serve you well since it is wide enough to catch as many birds with one drop. You can come up with this by planting 4 poles on each corner of the yard and allow the poles to hold the net above the ground. As soon as the birds come over, all you have to do is to pull down the net and catch. However, it is also necessary to have someone else to help you do this on the opposite side so that the geese won’t head the other way and break free.

Improvised trap
In the absence of a net, you can come up with more creative ways to trap the birds with the use of bed sheets or maybe a picnic blanket. If the amounts of birds are quite easy to handle, the use of bath towel will also be enough. A pillowcase tied around a wire with a stick may come in handy if you want to chase the birds while catching them.

A word of advise
It would be helpful to know how these birds behave when under attack. When trying to trap down these birds, it also entails you to come near them. Thus, it also compromises your safety in the process. A Canada goose has the tendency to fight back and may come on quite strong. You should anticipate the signals when this type of bird is about to become more aggressive. Here are the warning signs;

• Hisses
• Stands straight
• Flaps wings

Plan your next move
The problem that goes with trapping is on what to do next. Some states have regulations when it comes to trapping migratory birds, which can be quite difficult to decide on. In fact, other states may offer euthanasia while some may not. And since the major problem is how to keep these birds from coming back, a non-lethal trap could only be useless. Here are your possible options;

• Coordinate with state authorities regarding proper procedures
• Take the bird tothe nearest animal care shelter
• Contact a professional bird exterminator

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